Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aircraft Exhibition 28th Feb- 4th Mar, 2009 @ IISc !!

EXHIBITION ON Aircraft and how they work ?

Whatever we might like to call them - aeroplanes, aircraft, airplanes, or just planes - they have transported, and will carry on transporting, ever increasing numbers of people and tonnes of merchandise throughout the world. But the aeroplane is not just a means of transport, it is much more!

For over a hundred years, it has symbolised one of mankind's greatest adventures: aviation. The tales told by aviation pioneers are the stuff of dreams; thanks to their daring, we can actually fly, soaring through the clouds, faster, further and more safely.

The French exhibition "Aircraft: how do they work?" hosted by IISc with the support of Society For Shock Wave Research, Department of Aerospace Engineering is designed to give you an inside view of this spectacular adventure. By the time you leave this exhibition, we guarantee you will not only be immensely proud of the ingenuity demonstrated by yesterday's inventors, but much more able to imagine the next steps forward!

In other words: you will be able to admire the past, value the present, and trust in the future!

All are welcome to discover the fabulous world of aircrafts!

Inauguration !!
Saturday 28th of February 2009, at 9.30am at the
Choksi Hall, IISc Campus.

With the support of:

Society for Shock Wave Research,
Department of Aerospace Engineering

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